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Court or Audit

We as Canadian consumers, Canadian Families & Human Beings should take this decision to the supreme court and/or call in an unbiased federal auditor to investigate the entire situation and decision.

1) Challenge the decision (possibly as violation of Canadian rights, since communication is an essential feature of our Canadian society & economy)
2) The legitimacy of the CRTC. Biased CRTC members (giant telecom corporate ex-CEOs) with very biased decision ruled almost always against the average consumer.
3) Raise the issue of plausible collusion between all the major telecom giants. As of now (a couple of months from now) there will be ZERO reasonable alternatives in Canada as seen with such companies as Teksavvy Inc. If it looks like a duck, & quacks like duck, its most likely a duck.



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You want to know why that's not going to happen, champ? I know this is going to shatter your world view (wah wah I want a whopper at McDonalds because the customer is always right!) but I'll try anyway.

This is a business decision taking into account the social impacts surrounding it. You have two choices, actually three choices, that you can go forward with here.

1. You can sit there whining on an internet forum and possibly take up a pitchfork to the CRTC about corruption, philandering, or any other three syllable word you don't actually know the definition of.

2. You can present or work with a lobbying group (read: consumer advocacy group) to present an alternate business plan such as fully metered internet usage at a MUCH MORE reasonable rate (let's face it, 75 cents per gig is ridiculous) or anything else you can think of that has a solid business case in favour of it.

3. You can present or work with a lobbying group to present an alternate social plan such as socializing the infrastructure by purchasing it back and placing it in the hands of a federal crown corporation and then lease it all out to the big and small telecoms alike.

I'm guessing you're going to go with #1. Congrats, you're an internet hobo.

If anyone here is interested in two or three, maybe we can get organized. Since I'm the only one here who doesn't seem to be a sky-is-falling type that a politician or regulator wouldn't bother to listen to then I can lead this quiet revolution. It'll be fun and I should be good at it since according to Torobull I'm incredibly rich and influential.

PM me for fun times.


Kitchener, ON

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Monopolist pigs.



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reply to monkman
monkman. Go troll somewhere else. Clearly you are one of those jackasses that don't give a crap about Canadian consumers and Canadian rights, which I was refering to earlier.

Probably some jackass that works at Bhell being an ass to create disinformation & confusion.

A little ragdoll puppet of big business.



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Wah wah wah. He doesn't agree with me so he's a troll!

I'm not a troll, you're just an inept little twat who can't form a decent point to debate. Just keep calling Bell "Bhell". I'm sure that'll sway some people to your side.

I have presented coherent points and means of actually enacting change. You've thrown out ad hominem attacks and offered no alternative thought process. I care a lot about consumer rights and Canadian lifestyles in this country. I care enough to know that your whining on the internet and throwing out blanket attacks only hurts that cause rather than helping it. You can't even read my proposals and address them in a reasonable fashion. You know what that means? When the people who make the decisions have to choose between a cut-throat corporate asshole with a business plan written up in detail and whining little nitwits like you on the internet they're going to take the real plan. You dig your own grave by being an uneducated moron.

I try to help you and I get called a troll.

Good job. Now I see why you live in poverty.



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.... You don't know the first thing about me and my family you ignorant troll