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Grimsby, ON
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reply to rradina


said by rradina:

Now wait just a doggone minute. I thought the Canadian health care system has been held in high regard by many Americans wanting the exact same system. How can such a technologically backward thinking nation offer such great health care? Something is fishy here...

Canadian Health Care is like a hospital gown - you only THINK you're covered.

If you want a semi-private room in a hospital so you can be more completely ignored, my group plan paid the hospital $273 per day a month ago, on top of the $1100 per day the hospital billed OHIP. And forget choice of food. Lunch/supper, some kind of mystery meat, mashed potatoes, some kind of vegetable that had no taste, and a cup of hot water (guess a packet instant tea/coffee was an optional extra).

I was afraid to ask the additional for private.

The CRTC has proven once again it holds monopolies in the highest regard, and think nothing of kicking, beating and raping the end consumer. The CRTC has GOT to GO, for the sake of all Canadians.