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Toronto, ON

Will the iPad work with the 2Wire modem/wireless router combo we

Ok, this is going to be a dumb question. Mild flames will be tolerated. I'm putting it here because I'm a Teksavvy guy, and I couldn't see where else to put it (mods please move it if necessary).

My mom is loving the iPad and I want to buy her one. However, I have read a few articles with statement like this

If a user is getting an average speed of 1Mbit to 3Mbit/sec. to the home via a DSL or a cable modem connection and has a fast Wi-Fi router (theoretically, a router that could be 540Mbit/sec. with 802.11nm although much lower in reality), that will be fine for most iPad functions, analysts note.

The iPad is widely seen first as a multimedia device and an e-reader, among its other functions. Some users may notice problems with real-time streaming video over Wi-Fi, depending on the size of the video image and its resolution. This might present a problem for some video clips embedded in a New York Times story, for example, but would probably be no different than what users could expect from a small video clip via a typical laptop over Wi-Fi.


The second paragraph is the real concern for me. We have a DSL connection at my parents place through Teksavvy. Unfortunately Teksavvy cannot give us more than 1.45 mbps stable (there is no remote available). We are using a 2Wire modem/wireless router combo (AT & T branded I believe but I can check). I do not want to get the iPad for my Mom if she is going to have problems watching streaming content. The iPad doesn't have to be everything for her, but it does need to be a fully connected and functioning internet browsing device.

Frankly the above para is confusing to me since I was under the impression that WiFi is so much faster than a DSL connection to the net. Obviously I have some misunderstanding here.

Any comments about my particular hardware/ISP speed setup, or what it would take to run an iPad with optimal efficiency in a small home, would be appreciated. I am hoping that I can grab the Wifi-only iPad as my Mom will effectively never leave the house with it.


Etobicoke, ON

Re: Will the iPad work with the 2Wire modem/wireless router comb

first of all i will start with the mid flame of how useless the ipad is and how you should not buy it blah blah.

secondly another mid flame will entail me telling you to go to youtube, break, etc and stream some videos. if they stream on pc they will stream on the ipad.

in short, yes it will work just fine and enjoy (or of course get something else as the ipad is a massive POS).

all flaming aside, yes you will be fine

Toronto, ON
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reply to tradernik

said by tradernik:

The iPad doesn't have to be everything for her, but it does need to be a fully connected and functioning internet browsing device.
The iPad will not be able to play a large variety of streaming content on the internet, due to it not having Flash.

If you use the built-in YouTube app, you will be able to use it just fine, but only limited to YouTube content, and not all of it either that's available via the web.
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Toronto, ON
reply to tradernik

And in addition, iPad seems to be having WiFI issues as well.



Ottawa, ON
reply to tradernik

If it's being streamed over the internet, and not from another computer in your house, then it's not a problem. The wireless network is capable of speeds many times faster than your DSL connection.

If you wanted to stream an HD video from your desktop computer to the iPad however, you would be best served getting a wireless N router. I can't imagine your mom doing that though.

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