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Bellingham, WA


Some background: our apartments had a long-term exclusivity deal with Broadstripe (dating back to construction). The contract is up this month, and Comcast is coming in as an additional choice. In fact, they were running cable to individual buildings today. I've heard both good and bad about Comcast, however, I had not heard anything about Broadstripe.

Previously, Broadstripe didn't offer any speeds greater than 1.5Mbps, but on a whim, I called them today. According to the CSR, they offer up to 15Mbps (for about $55/month). They claim to have no download caps (unlike Comcast), but I wonder how fast they actually are. This whole post may be moot, however. The CSR had trouble placing an order for me and will have to call me back Monday. I wonder if Broadstripe had not really upgraded the node and the CSR had bad data in his system.

All this time I've been on Qwest DSL (about $45/month for 1.5Mbps). Ideally, I would like to stay with Qwest, however, the fastest I can get is 1.5Mbps. I hate it. My DSL never goes out -- which is good -- but I have come to believe they will never offer anything faster for this area. I've been checking for almost 5 years.

I have placed an order with Comcast (12Mbps with SpeedBoost -- whatever that is -- for about $60/month), and have the above mentioned order with Broadstrip. I have a couple of days to decide which way to go. (I'll cancel one of the orders.)

Do I go with Comcast or Broadstripe?