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Cricket vs. Dial-up

I currently have dial-up, with speeds of 20 kbps. Downloads, when sucessful, are about 10 kbps. I've been looking into Cricket wireless broadband as an alternative to dial-up, which is to be used 95% of the time for Thunderbird and Wikipedia usage. I don't plan on making heavy use of Youtube or torrents, so the limit of 5GB sounds godly. I'd like to know what investment it would take to try it for a month, and how it compares to dial-up -- most everything I've read compares it to DSL/cable, which doesn't help me in knowing whether it's a worthwile investment compared to my current situation. DSL, cable, and satelite are not an option. Thanks in advance.

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i been using cricket now for a couple months about 7 if i recall. i was on dialup before with worst speeds then you have now. to me cricket was a well worth investment. speeds are not near cable maybe if you have a strong sig speeds would be closer to cable. here is what i get with 2 bars on signal

the modem you have to buy but can there is usually a refund for it and activation fee and you get first month free. if you go thru the website not sure about any call in offers.

but all in all im really happy with it over dialup for both speed price and no overage charges ( i went over 5 gigs watching netflix movies but i was throttled and not discoed )

hope this helps
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