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No Fear

New Jersey

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reply to pnh102

Re: Google's plan for unsubsidized phones dies

said by pnh102:

I wouldn't say the unsubisidized part was the problem. I would say the problem of it only working effectively with T-Mobile was the real issue.

The Nexus One should have included full 3G support for all the major carriers right out of the box. THEN it would have stood a chance for taking off.
I agree, only releasing on Tmobile, then months later releasing the ATT version. No commericals or Ads. Plus a weak camera. If there isnt 3G support, whats the point ?
They Live... We Sleep...

“Spreading the wealth around” never results in a better outcome for people. It always results in destruction.


Austin, TX
5 megapixel is weak?


reply to DaveDude
its too bad that google is throwing in the towel soo early, they should sell the phone at t-mobile stores i would buy one...

actually google about the n1 camera vs droid

here is one of them
»androidandme.com/2010/05/phones/ ··· xus-one/

the n1 has a better camera, don't get fooled by megapixels alone...

also, speed tests indicate the n1 is faster... htc gui changes slowed it down... and dont look as good anyways...

and google releases updates on it first... google android 2.2, rooting / jit, alternative roms... ect makes its better for android software developers