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reply to Mizzat

Re: Google's plan for unsubsidized phones dies

said by Mizzat:

Buying an unsubsidized phone is silly, the rates for the carriers are the same wether you buy it subsidized or not, so it is built into thier pricing. Now if they offered a discount for brining your own hardware, or price went down after your commitment....
It's not silly, because it is the 2 year commitment that is getting you the subsidy, not anything else.

If you plan to change your carrier without an ETF, it's not silly at all to not sign up for 2 years just to get a cheaper phone.

If you don't mind being tied to the same carrier for 2 years, then yes, it would be silly to outright buy a phone instead of having it subsidized.

But it's silly to call it "silly" when unsubsidized has a situation that is useful for some people.