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Decatur, TN
reply to billmcc1280

Re: Call Forwarding Issue

Yeah. Very local. Problem is that I am not getting to the point of adding any number to forward to. The second I hit the # key after 72 it starts ringing and then to the error. I should get a triple dial tone or a prompt to enter the number to forward to. I googled the error and always come up with a forwarding error that means the package is not installed on your line. But AT&T swears it is. I have talked to linemen, Switch guys, Translations, whoever they are and business support. They all say everything is good. One thing with me and troubleshooting is that I am very thorough before I finally post to a forum. By that point I think everybody goes well he tried that already lol!

Stupid Superpipe! Sorry, had to vent on that thing a little. If it worked then I would not have a problem at all lol!

Guess I will buy a true ISDN phone and hook it up and check. Anyone in southeast tn have one?



Vanleer, TN
Ill bet that because your lines are tied up and in use that's the reason , i don't know if there;s something in the config that you could add to drop a line when a incoming call comes in , if not it will just show busy when you get a call , I have the 3 com pro TA and they do it automatically

Ill bet cisco does not know how or you have to tell it to drop a line

before i go the extreme of an isdn phone take a look at phone power here on dsl reports , nice inexpensive VOIP option that comes with an adapter to use and plug your analog lines in

but magic jack should do the same thing ??