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Jamaica, NY
reply to Alakar

Re: Destined to fail

All spectrum is a public resource, same as any road or river or sea water, therefore every cell carrier who has a monopoly on spectrum should be/naturally is a utility company. Utility companies do not have unlimited ownership of public property and have to follow the government's, who on paper represents the people, rules and conditions of use of public property.

I checked, steering wheel right cars are legal in the USA, if you can jump the protectionist import rules, post office uses them without any legal exceptions. My mistake.

Now why should the government be telling me if my car has a restraint system or not? Why doesn't the free market decide whether cars need seat belts or not? What about bumper collision damage resistence standards? or fuel economy standards, I bought the fuel, what right does the government have to tell me how I use it?

Why can't I get my water bill in Klingon or Latin?

Richmond, VA
Last I checked, spectrum became private property when the FCC elected to auction it off. Ocean based travel is controlled by governments and in some cases private parties, which yes, can restrict your right of movement within their property. Consult the USCG on that.

Utility companies are split and regulated differently, you have public and private utilities. Such as some localities privatize the delivery of water and natural gas. They may choose to sell all rights to delivery, or they may choose to contract it out in a management agreement. Private utilities, are anything from ConEd up there in Queens to Dominion Power in most of Virginia. They own the poles, they paid the locales for the easements and at some point and time a land owner prior to you (or yourself) gave easement rights to the power company in order for you to receive electricity from said company. If you didn't want it, you were free at that time to decline and refuse it.

The government tells you that your car must have a restraint system in order to be operated on a public road, if you choose to drive on a private road without it, well that's your ignorance. But public funds go into maintaining public roads, and you elected to travel on these public roads rather than negotiate your own method of travel.

Fuel economy is due to emissions, California standards are actually higher than national standards. They protect the air quality for everyone else and find a happy medium between those which detest the motorized vehicle and carbon emissions, and those which would prefer to drive cars which generate more carbon emissions than the average 727.

If you actually want a 1MPG car, you can have one. Just plan to make it meet emissions standards.

Water bills can come in any language you would like. You can ask them for their billing template and translate it to whatever language you want, or pay them to do it for you.
"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking." General George Patton Jr