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Cheyenne, WY

Lag Spikes in Gaming

For the last week especially, I have been getting brief, but annoying, lag spikes in all of my multiplayer games. I have an awesome ping in every match, so latency is not an issue. My ping usually ranges between 20 and 60ms. But every 30 seconds to 1 minute, I get a 250-500ms spike (not indicated in the game, however). Before I know it, I'm dead. I've tried Counter Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, and Call of Duty: MW2 -- all with the same problem.

Not sure what it is, but it's ridiculously annoying.

Displaced Ohioan
Denver, CO
I haven't noticed anything. But my gaming is limited to SC2, Halo and World of Warcraft. SC2 and WoW are much more lag spike friendly.
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Cheyenne, WY
reply to docmars
I might have to double-check our router and modem -- maybe reset them just for good measure.

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Billings, MT
What kind of router do you have?


Cheyenne, WY
I have an ASUS WL500-W Wireless N (300Mbps) router. It has worked really well in the past on the same exact connection for about a year now, with no changes really. I took it with me to college and brought it back and had no issues during Spring Break (about a month ago) Now, even through our ethernet connections, we are getting these weird spikes and unusually high pings in our games. :/

Very frustrating, and still going on unfortunately.

I used to get pings anywhere from 20 to 50ms on most servers in Counter Strike: Source. But now, I get anywhere between 90 and 150ms. It seems like packets are being dropped/lost mid-game because everything will just stop, and continue about 500ms later.

Powell, WY
Try running a trace route and then take the first two hops from your computer (your router and the hop directly after) and run continuous pings to both addresses. Use 'ping -t ip address' without the quotes in a command prompt. When you notice the lag spike check both pings and see if either rise at all. This may help, may not...at least its a direction.

Another, more simple, test is to just plug your computer straight into the modem and game for awhile - if the problem persists it isn't your router.