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This is a sub-selection from what?


reply to Endy

Re: what?

said by Endy:

as was 'Postal'. ...well, the latter was great if you're not offended at *ANYTHING*.
I'm offended that the assholes at Running With Scissors spat in the face of anyone who ever played Postal by selling that jackass the movie rights.
The dude would not be impressed.

The thing that disgust me most about Uwe Boll is that he tries to find any game he can get his claws on, then makes a movie that BARELY follows the game's plot, just so he can get interest from using the name. He is the reason no legitimate movie studio or director will make movies based on video games, because his movies were all such flops. Of course, he justifies changing the story so the average viewer can follow what's happening, this is despite the fact that his films are universally panned anyways. Hell, the only way he's able to continue to make movies is that he gets a massive amount of grants from the government of Germany. Well holy fuck Uwe, if you want to make a movie for the average viewer, feel free to write your own god damn script from scratch, stop taking other people's visions into the back alley, raping them and then sending them back out into the world. That is not fucking cool and I hate you Uwe.

Uwe: If you read this, I challenge you to a MMA match. None of this fucking boxing shit you pulled on your other critics. If I win you have to stop making movies, if you win I will watch every single one of your movies, four per day for a month, repeating as necessary. I will even pretend to like them.
said by Metatron2008:

But people who download thousands of movies and games.... Yes, they are as bad as any murderer

Riverside, CA
That's exactly what the creator *OF* Postal said when he climbed out of the suit at the children's day! ...well, something similar.
Maybe Uwe should be regulated to making only movies from bad games? I would love to see his take on 'Barney's Hide 'n' Seek'.