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Red Deer, AB
reply to clarknova

Re: Everything MLPPP

said by clarknova:

said by rustydusty:

So you are doing mlppp on telus?
Well, no. It's a Teksavvy account in Telus territory, so from here to Vancouver it runs on Telus infrastructure. And it's not officially supported by TSI, although I haven't had a problem with it in the month I've been on it.

what I wanna know is if I can get 1.5Mb upload or more for less than $95 a month.
That's a big maybe. Like I said, I'm getting 1.4 mbps of actual throughput for a hair over $100. If your phone line is of better quality than mine you may get 1.5 mbps or better, and if your dry loop fee is less than $14, or if you have a phone line or 2 on premises, which I don't, then you can save yourself the dry loop fee once or twice. Also because TSI doesn't support mlppp in the west, they don't charge you the $4 fee for it, unless you need a static IP.

So it's possible you could get your 1.5 for under $100, but I warn you that Telus will fumble your hookup, so get ready for a ride.
I'm better off staying with Shaw's Warp then until something else comes along. Just seems like a rip off for 15x2 for $100/month. Only thing Tek has over Shaw is their caps are a lot higher. Price is similar though.