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[Help] SpeedTouch 516v6 Frequent Signal Losses (?)

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Internet Up :)
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Internet Down :(

First post here, so pardon me if I mix something up.

I have a SpeedTouch 516v6 and a subscription to a "Up to 24Mb DSL Service".

Each day is like playing the roulette. Some days I have no disconnects, but normally it disconnects every 5 or 10 minutes (even in the process of registering and posting I went through 2 disconnects).

I have attached two DMT screenshots (when the internet is connected and one after 5m when it dropped...). The "Downstream Bitrate" field varies from 8000~ to 3000 (normally) and sometimes it goes up to 18000 (as it is now). I have almost no knowledge of these terms, but I do learn fast.

The only thing that changes is that when the internet doesn't work, the txpwr field goes to 0.

Is it a line malfunction? A router malfunction? It's getting annoying, and it seems I'm paying for a speed which I'm not getting (not even near).

Please help!