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skyway modem passwords and anyone know any bandwith monitor?

soo i was actualy just board and i started to look for the passwords for the advanced UI button at the bottem of the connect page on the skyway usa modem and turns out its realy simple. its advanced for both the username and password and also i was just looking around and found that you can connect to the modem with telnet and the username root with a password of xyzzy you cant actualy do much since its all read only but i just thought ti was intresting. anyone have any thing that i might be able to put on there so i can go to the webpage or to a seprate webpage that will let me look and see what computers are assinged to what ips and how much bandwith each are useing. somone in the house is eating bandwith (like as in 3-400 mb a day) and we keep getting pushed all the way down to 56k speeds and no one wants to say who it is so i want to find out. lol. i have a router thats dd-wrt compatable but every time i put the bandwith monitoring programs i find on it my router locks up. lol. its a linksys wrt54g with just the 2mb flash so it has to use the micro firmware and i think thats my main problem. well sorry for the spelling errors. lol. well thanks for the replys everyone