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World Traveler
Tulsa, OK
reply to Jahntassa

Re: Lost my US passport card

said by Jahntassa:

said by inGearX:

]that was for the passport - that I am not planing to lose this is for the card which I think are $40 or so...
If you're abroad, the advice given stands. Only an embassy can help you. We can't tell you if they can replace the card or not, only they can.
Maybe I am missing something here. And I can understand why people use the card instead of a passport here in the U.S..
But I don't see why anyone would need a passport card while traveling abroad.

I've entered Canada by ferry and sailed a privately owned sailboat Miami to Bimini and Freeport and only needed a passport. Could have used only the card as well I guess.
See no reason to be concerned about it if traveling and not on the North American continent or the Caribbean.
The adventure continues...Sanctuary....
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