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WRT120N As an Access Point

Hi all,

Can anyone confirm if you can setup a WRT120N Router as just an Access Point which will be econnected to my broadband router via a network cable. I am looking to use a WRT120N just for WiFi in another room in the building.

Will there be any issues with doing the above


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·Bell Sympatico
said by chrisb1357:

Will there be any issues with doing the above?
Yes it can be done but you need to know a few things before you plug it into your network.

You should assign the WRT120N a static IP address that is outside of DHCP scope of your existing router. An easy way figuring one out is to take the IP address of your router and add one. Assign this new number to the LAN address of the router (Note that you will be connecting this wireless router to your existing network via one of the 4 LAN ports, the WAN port is left unused)

Next shut off the DHCP server in the WRT120N, your existing router will be dishing out IP leases, so the one in the WRT120N is not needed (and if left on will cause issues). While you are in the GUI, set up the wireless settings as you wish.

Once these setups are completed you can safely connect this router to your network and have it work as an access point. If you need to change a setting in the GUI (ie change your wireless key) you just need to remember the static IP address you assigned it.



Many thanks for the info. I think i have setup correct so could you confirm if i have or not.

I have setup the Linksys WRT120N Router with the following IP range.

Linksys WRT120N Router (Set as Static and using for WiFi Only)
Local & Internet IP =
Sub =
Gateway =

My ADSL Router (Non Linksys) is set to the following
IP =

Is the above correct could you tell me as i noticed when i connect via WiFi and do a IPConfig my PC IP on the wifi card shows as and a Gateway of but if i connect via Cable to the Linksys WiFi Router i get a DHCP address from non Linksys router

I have disabled NAT and DHCP on the linksys router as the main router issues them


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·Bell Sympatico
You are connecting your Access point to the rest of the network via one of the LAN ports right and NOT at the WAN (or Internet) port?
There is no need to set the Internet settings, you will not be using the WAN port anyways, and it is best just to leave this setting set for “Automatic Configuration –DHCP”. Given the WAN and LAN ports the same IP address is not advisable, and you will be connecting this AP to your network via one of the LAN ports, not WAN/Internet port.

Aside from the Linksys’ internet settings the rest seems fine, though I am not sure about the DNS setting. Generally one sets it to the IP address of the gateway but if you have a separate machine doing DNS at this address or its what your other router has I will assume that it should work.

Again verify that the DHCP server on the Linksys router (soon to be access point only) is off, I have noticed that if you attempt to make several changes at once to a router not all settings are saved. I find it is easiest to configure the router or access point while it is not connected to your network, you can make the necessary changes faster and once you are sure everything is set as it should be, then disable the routers DHCP server. This saves the need of configuring your computer with a temporary static IP address to access the thing while you are still making changes.


Back to the WAN/Internet port.
If you router supports 3rd party firmware like DDWRT you can reconfigure the WAN port to act as a LAN port. This can be usefully if you have many devices plugged into the switch (LAN) side and you need one more port.


reply to chrisb1357
Will the wrt120n work the same way as the wrt160n in the setup described here?


I have a wrt160n working very well in such a setup, and wish to use a wrt120n to create a new branch network for my son's studio at the bottom of the garden, to which there is already a working rj45 cable.

I propose to set the 120n up as described above with address

Thanks in advance
Ed Iglehart