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Corona, CA

AT&T should not be calling a kettle black...

Digital vocabulary takes on a life of it's own. Didn't 4G mean "fourth generation" yet no specific technology?

Well, the current "third generation" is about 1.0 mbps down, and 300k up in most of the USA I visit. Not advertised or peak speeds, normal 9-5 speeds.

I figure if you can hit 4 mbps normal speeds, it's fourth gen, whether it's two cans and a string, or gamma rays.

By the way, I'm right next to a huge AT&T tower in the center of most populated region in the USA, Southern California.

Let's see, with AT&T's most expensive phone and most expensive plan, in the most populated region they do business in:

1482 kbps down 187 kbps up. Not bad. Just about the highest numbers I've seen out of them. But less than their advertised speeds, and it's not 9-5 yet.

I'd suggest they AT&T hit their advertised speeds in most areas before they point fingers at anyone. We just unplugged AT&T's DSL after they could not hit their advertised 1.5 mbps after 5 years of constant service calls. The day we shut it off it was 300k down and 40k up.