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Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
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Getting screwed by rounding error.

One of the first services I sold when I started working for a Bell Operating Company, was Measured Wide Area Telephone Service. Our sales pitch included a proven fact, that a customer would save 20% on long distance usage because AT&T WATS service used Six Second Rounding rather than 60 Second Rounding as the competition and standard long distance service used. As usual the wireless weasels are screwing over customers by using rounding error.

If AT&T Wireless actually wanted to be fair to customers AT&T would charge the lowest possible increment for usage over the allowance. If the customer pays $10.00 per Gb over the 2Gb allowance and the customer goes 1Mb over the limit the customer pays $10.00 for 1Gb even though they only exceeded the allowance by 1Mb or they wind up paying $10.00 per Mb. On the other hand if AT&T was honest they would charge $0.01 per Megabyte. 1000 Megabytes would cost $10.00. 100 Megabytes would cost $1.00 and 10 Megabytes would cost $0.10. In this example the rounding error can be as high as $10.00 for 1Mb. With 1Mb rounding customers would not be charged for one Mb overage. Of course the wireless carriers treat their customers like mushrooms. They keep them in the dark and feed them bull feces.