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[southwest] Disconnecting Fios battery alarm

My FIOS battery alarm is beeping every so often and I can't shut it off. I have no need for a battery back-up (no phone service). Since I don't want to buy a battery just to shut off the annoying beep, I'm trying to figure out how to disable the noise. Anyone had luck killing the speaker? I have Unit #1.



try holding down the alarm silence button.

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The silence button only works for 2 days. I need a permanent solution. Pulled the box apart and the speaker is not obvious. I'm thinking one of the wires running into the unit provides power to the alarm, but I'm not sure which one and I don't want to cut the wrong one!

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The silence button only works for two days. I need a permanent solution. Took apart the box but the speaker is not obvious. Looks like it is integrated in the circuit board. There are many wires leading into the box, and I assume one powers the horn, but I'm reluctant to start cutting without knowing for sure I'm got the right wire. Why the hell Verizon didn't put a rechargeable battery in there is beyond me!

Warwick, RI
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What do you mean by "I have Unit #1"?

The alarm noisemaker is a piezoelectric thingy that looks like a small black plastic cylinder with a small hole in the center on the end. It's soldered to the circuit board, and you don't have any wires to cut.

As a matter of fact, you don't want to cut any wires in the first place. You can deaden the sound by taping over the hole, or taping a foam peanut over the hole.

And your "Why the hell Verizon didn't put a rechargeable battery in there is beyond me!" is inexplicable. Unless you've got a missing battery. Who has public access to your BBU?

The BBU has a battery in it when installed, said battery is good for a year or so minimum, longer depending on environmental factors.

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Thanks for the reply birdfeedr. In the FIOS Verizon users’ guide, the two FIOS ONT models are listed #1 and #2.

I'll try taping the foam peanut or an earplug over the speaker now that you've identified it for me.

As for the rechargeable battery, I'm not sure what is inexplicable. The unit is plugged into the wall 24/7. Putting a disposable lead-acid battery in the unit as opposed to using a rechargeable battery that would be recharged by the wall socket indefinitely seems self-explanatory. Perhaps Verizon figured the $50 per unit every one to four years to silence the noisemaker would more than make up for the flood of trouble calls to the technical support department over the years.

Anyway, sounds like I'll have a permanently muffled "cricket" in my garage for now on. If it isn't quite enough I'm going to crush the speaker and post the results.

Over The Hills And Far Away
Spring Hill, FL
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The FIOS BBU doesn't recharge the battery? That is news to me. That would mean everyone would have to replace their battery each and every time they had a power outage long enough to deplete it.

I am approaching the 5-year mark since I had FIOS installed. I replaced my battery less than a year ago. I can live with getting 4 years out of it.

It's an NP7-12 battery which also fits a TON of UPS units and can easily be had about $25.

I really didn't care about mine when it was beeping as it is in the attic. Plus we have cell phones, so the house line not working is of minimal concern during a power outage.

But, I can get the batteries cheap so I replaced it.

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Actually now that I think about it, lead acid batteries are rechargeable so it must have just gone bad. Mine lasted about 2 years. Still, since the only use is for phone service, you are effectively buying batteries to silence a noise maker if you don't have a phone line.

Plano, TX
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Like you I have no phone service either so no need for the battery.
When mine started beeping last year I followed the advice someone offered in another thread, leave the battery disconnected for a couple of days then hook it back up.

Worked like a charm for me. I removed the battery for 2 or 3 days then put it back and haven't heard a beep since and that was several months ago.

Woodbridge, VA

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I have my BBU connected to an APC 1500XL UPS with an extended runtime battery attached. So I can get 18 to 20 hours of use during an outage before the BBU will kick in and I don't have to worry about any beeping sounds when the UPS is supplying power during a power outage..since I can set the APC for silent operation unlike the FiOS BBU.

Good Ol Dan

Naples, FL
reply to jimbeam1
Every few months my unit will start to beep. I disconnect the battery, unplug the AC power supply, wait a few seconds, and then reconnect everything. Good for a few more months!



Redlands, CA
reply to jimbeam1
Users have to buy the battery to replace it? I thought we can just call Verizon and they'd come replace it free?

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radioshack has the battery's for about 30-35 bux, and battery mart has em for about 17 bux plus shipping (depends on what part of the states you're in)

17 bux ain't too bad. I'd personally just replace it, my time and sanity are worth a lot more than 17 bux + shipping

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said by nxtiak:

Users have to buy the battery to replace it? I thought we can just call Verizon and they'd come replace it free?
verizon will replace that battery for one year under the manufacturer warranty, and then after a year we are on our own. it's in the tos when you sign up or do the thing.