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Cleveland, OH
reply to 93388818

Re: I just checked my data usage for the last 10 months

said by 93388818:

and with the exception of December 2009, all of my usage was under 500 MB. Same with my wife, except hers, on her iPhone 3G was all under 400 MB.

To me, this plan is going to save me $10 a month.
That's paltry, and you'll likely end up paying it all back and more in that one month you or your wife accidentally conduct some heavy usage.

Mchenry, IL
The way I see it is 500megs for $10, 2 gigs for $20 and $30 for unlimited.

It amazes me AT&T's logic because the new iPhone has a front facing camera for video calls. Hmm how much bandwidth is that going to take up??

I think I averaged 400 to 1 gig a month when I had my iPhone. It all came down to if I was traveling. If I was at home or the office I was using wifi. If I was on the road no wifi really. Have the time the 3G was better then what the hotel offered.