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recent outages concerning to us

I like the support of At-Nex don't get me wrong; and I just plain like ATNex, but a couple months ago we started having outages. So far we've seen three 24hr outages, and 10 or so shorter (30min-2hrs) ones as well. Never before (I've lived all over the US and Europe) have I seen this. I know that (at least as I understand it), they use ATT and other lines, so I know they aren't directly at fault, but that doesn't matter now. My wife and I are nearly at the end of our rope. I am in grad school, and maybe this sounds spoiled, but I (and my wife who is also in school) can't live with those types of outages. Are we to expect this nowadays? Please someone let me know what you've experienced. I don't get it.
Thanks for your help


Atlanta, GA
Me too, starting mid/early July and still happening 3+ weeks later. They tell me it's an AT&T problem and they can't do anything about it. I have basically been down more than up for 3 weeks now. Anyone have any recommendations for a replacement (not AT&T or Earthlink)?