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reply to meskinct

Re: Official Comcast blog about new SA guide

said by meskinct:

Yeah, I love how they say that customers love it when it hasn't even been rolled out to customers yet.
It's the same guide as the Moto areas. Therefore, it's been launched to the majority of their video customers.

They are simply telling the SA customers who may not have seen this before that the subs who have had this guide for some time enjoy it.

That may be up for debate, but no matter what, it is a HUGE improvement over the SARA guide that looks like a DOS prompt.


Colchester, CT

Anyone get the upgrade yet?

The Q

Collegeville, PA

said by kaiser:

Anyone get the upgrade yet?
Looks like it got pushed to next week...


Below posted on June 4.

Thanks for your questions and comments about this new guide.

I wanted to leave a quick note to announce that we have rescheduled the deployment of this new guide in the Middletown, CT area to now the week of June 14th. Previously I had communicated that June 8 would be the deployment date.

Apologies for the slight delay but we want to be sure that we get the customer experience right!

The Q

Collegeville, PA
reply to kaiser

and it looks like the initial specific areas in CT were also identified...(also on the blog)

....bring this new guide experience to Comcast customers in central Connecticut including the towns and areas of Middle Haddam, Cobalt, Cromwell, East Hampton, Middlefield, Middletown, Portland, Rockfall and Wesleyan College.

If you live in one of these areas, look for your new user guide in the mail next week with a letter announcing the new guide PLUS a coupon good for a free On Demand movie.

Additional areas of Connecticut will also be scheduled to get the new guide in June.


Brandon, MS
reply to The Q

They can apologize for the "slight delay" all they want.

When we were converted to this atrocious SARA guide in 2008, we were told this was only temporary and the "rest of the upgrade" would be coming in "early 2009".

Now, for those not in CT, all we know is we'll be getting it in "2010". I won't hold my breath. Comcast has ALWAYS been off on their promised dates by no less than 6 months on ANYTHING. This joke of a cable company needs some competition badly so they can actually have some incentive to live up to their promises that they NEVER meet on time.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ

I have to agree with you on this, I'm tired of always being let down by what Comcast promises, I mean they they have the most HD channels ever, yet its not true. If it was then every single customer would have the exact same HD channels across the board, not certain states or areas have Group A set of channels while others have Group B,C,or D set of channels. Same thing with their internet tiers. Uniformity for goodness sakes. I know someone is going to give some excuse on why this isnt possible, and I'm sure there are valid reasons, but it still needed to be said.