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Bozeman, MT
reply to linus57

Re: Ping has doubled lately

I thought I would update you on current happenings. Bresnan used to use AT&T routers to send traffic to seatle and Denver. Of late Bresnan appears to me to be doing a bunch of infrastructure changes to use it's own network throughout Montana and Wyoming to route data to Denver where they are then using Level3.net as a transit provider. This is evidenced by my routes previously taking four hops through Bresnan routers before hitting AT&T, and now taking some ten hops through Bresnan routers before hitting Level3 in denver.

I guess their goal is to use their own network and Level3 to improve overall latency. Or perphaps there is savings in it for them to use their own network to hit Denver. Or perhaps the AT&T network was acquired when Bresnan bought them out some years ago and it's become outdated.

In any case a few weeks ago they attempted to use the Bresnan network and Level3 routers. The problem was that the first hop from Bresnan to Level3 completely sucks (450 ms pings during peak hours). Bresnan had a support request in with Level3 but the issue went unfixed for so long that Bresnan gave up and routed traffic back through the AT&T network until Level3 can get their shit together. Will this eventually result in better overall latency? Only time will tell.

So, after Bresnan changed the route back one of their routers in missoula was hosed and another couple of days of suck ensued until they got that sorted out. Now latency seems to be alright, though, not great either. I can at least play tf2 and not get booted, but game play is still frustrating at times due to lag.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that in the end we will end up with lower latency over all. We will see.