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Del Valle, TX

Formula1 Track in Austin = Broadband?

Well, I have a thought and question.

It may be news to some, but not others. They are going to build a Formula1 track in Austin. They hint that it'll be east of ABIA (the airport) and away from neighborhoods.

My question: (since I live east of ABIA and out of the coverage area for DSL or Cable)

Do you believe they will build some sort of DSLAM or any other thing like that so they can service the track? Does a Formula1 track even need broadband?

I live about 12 miles from the center of ABIA. So, if they build it 5 miles east, at least, will I be in some sort of coverage area?

Right now, all I can get is a 3G connection or a fixed wireless connection that's costly.

I would appreciate any insight or advice on this. Thanks!

(I have posted this elsewhere, but I am unsure as to where I will receive the best advice.)

Germantown, TN
Usually one can see the other, however some may not go to the city forum.. just to tie the threads together however: »Formula1 Track in Austin = Broadband?