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Free at last, free at last

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[2010]Southeast LA: important hurricane related information!

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From LSP hurricane evac guide
•Map of active & developing tropical storms from NOAA
•LSP phased EVAC plan
•Parish reentry FAQ
•Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany OEP info
•ALL Louisiana OEP contact info
•My info


State police phased EVAC plan:
From: »www.lsp.org/lcadeg.html

During a threat of a hurricane, a phased evacuation will be based on geographic location and time in which tropical storm winds are forecasted to reach the affected areas.

Phase I - 50 Hours before onset of tropical storm winds. Includes areas south of the Intracoastal Waterway. These areas are outside any levee protection system and are vulnerable to Category 1 and 2 storms. These areas are depicted in RED on the Evacuation Map. During Phase I, there are no route restrictions.

Phase II - 40 Hours before onset of tropical storm winds. Includes areas south of the Mississippi River which are levee protected but remain vulnerable to Category 2 or higher storms. These areas are depicted in ORANGE on the Evacuation Map. During Phase II, there are no route restrictions.

Phase III - 30 Hours before onset of tropical storm winds. Includes areas on the East Bank of the Mississippi River in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area which are within levee protection system but remain vulnerable to a slow-moving Category 3 or any Category 4 or 5 storm. These areas are depicted in YELLOW on the Evacuation Map. During Phase III, certain routes will be directed and the Contraflow Plan implemented.

Phased evacuation procedures are for traffic management purposes only. Consult your local Office of Emergency Preparedness Director for further evacuation information

*This information was taken directly from the LSP Hurricane Evac guide. You can view the entire guide here:
»www.lsp.org/pdf/HurricaneGuideSE ··· deSE.pdf
It contains very valuable information such as specific evac routes, radio station information, emergency telephone numbers, etc. A wealth of information.

Reentry FAQ
From: »www.cityofno.com/pg-150-12.aspx

Three Tier placard system:

What sorts of agencies and businesses qualify for the different Tiers?
Tier 1 includes Federal State, and local agencies and those who provide critical services to the government and public agencies such as: government contractors, and their subcontractors who provide critical services to parish and municipal governments and other public agencies and primary critical infrastructure and major utility companies and their pre-designated sub-contractors who restore electricity, natural gas, and potable water service. Also included are volunteer rescue and response organizations, and certain private business and industry disaster assessment teams so long as they remain on site and are self-sustaining/securing.

Tier 2 is for major employers or businesses that are essential to the return of residents and the City’s economic viability such as financial institutions, maritime operations companies, wholesale food suppliers, bulk fuel distributors, manufacturing companies (fragile inventory, designated hazardous waste facility, world-wide distribution, multiple-parish service area, etc.), building supply companies, other businesses determined, non emergency healthcare providers, medical supply companies, security companies and other businesses as determined by the Mayor to be essential to the return of residents and/or to the economic vitality of the parish.

Tier 3 includes accountants, apparel sales, appliance sales & service, automotive sales, services, and/or parts, banking, broadcasting, church, cleaners, cleaning specialist, computer sales and service, construction services, contractor, financial services, food service, garbage/waste, gasoline stations, non-essential government agencies, healthcare, home improvement, hospitality, industrial supplies, insurance, attorneys, retail pharmaceutical stores, real estate, restaurants, retail groceries, storage, towing, and transportation.

As of May 18th, 2007:
The parishes of Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, St. Bernard, Plaquemines and St. John, as well as the Louisiana State Police, have agreed to honor each other's plans and to use the same re-entry documents.

From: »www.jeffparish.net/index.cfm?Doc ··· cID=5754

City of New Orleans Office of Emergency Preparedness:
»www.cityofno.com/pg-46-1-oep-hom ··· ome.aspx
City of New Orleans hurricane re-entry placard:
»www.cityofno.com/pg-46-1-oep-hom ··· ome.aspx
City of New Orleans emergency notification system:

Jefferson Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness:
»www.jeffparish.net/index.cfm?Doc ··· cID=1163
Jefferson parish hurricane re-entry placard (business only):
*I think this is where JP folks can register:
»www.jumpstartjefferson.com/siteL ··· ome.aspx

St. Tammany Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness:
»www.stpgov.org/departments_homel ··· land.php
*I can't find any information on re-entry placards for St. Tammany

Individual Louisiana parish OEP information:
»gohsep.la.gov/parish/parishoepnu ··· bers.htm

My info

Feel free to contact me via this website either through PM or e-mail contact.

For the latest information and direction contact your parish OEP or parish government directly. This information in no way supersedes the information provided by parish, state, or federal officials. This information changes regularly and you should check your OEP and parish website for the latest information. The information posted here is not endorsed by my employer and any information used is solely based on the discretion of the user. I take no responsibility for the misuse of this information and this information is only a reference to the information provided by your local parish government.

Free at last, free at last
South Florida Water Management District hurricane model plots:
»www.sfwmd.gov/portal/page/portal ··· %20plots

Here you can find 15 model plots of any active storms. Once online, this will provide model plots for a large portion of the South-central and Southeast United States, Caribbean, and Tropics, not just Florida.
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Another good tropical storm site:


Covington, LA
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And another good tropical discussion site:
»www.crownweather.com/?page_id=45 ··· _id=4557