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Fort Wayne, IN

No changes with my Fios with Frontier .. Ha ... Right..

Got this when logged in to
The only good thing about the VZ DVR and now its gone...
Guess its back to Dish - They have larger capacity DVR and online control of DVR. Only with FIOS TV for less then a month and not happy... Less for more..

Dear FiOS® TV Customer:

There will be several changes to your FiOS TV service starting on July 1, 2010. The Verizon FiOS Media Manager PC application feature and the Verizon FiOS TV Central website will be discontinued in your area.

As a result, the following FiOS TV Central functionalities will no longer be available:

* Remote DVR access online
* FiOS Mobile Remote
* FiOS TV Online

However, you will still be able to browse through a comprehensive Video On Demand library and order the movie or Pay Per View title of your choice easily through your remote control. Plus, you will continue to enjoy the powerful features of your Multi Room DVR and other FiOS TV services using the easy to navigate Interactive Media Guide through your FiOS TV remote control.

We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause you.

Thank you for choosing FiOS TV!



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What, are you stupid?. That's not a change to your FIOS that is a change to their website/website services.

Edit: So I don't get a shit storm, obviously some functionality won't be transfered over. Your services are the exact same as they were before, they just won't be able to provide any online services.

I don't see the problem TBH.

Cyber Librarian
Forest Grove, OR
reply to myfiosnot
So "your services" don't apply to your "online services"? Yeah... right.

Stuff is definitely going to change -- you only have to look at the last couple of pages of this thread to see that things are changing, intentionally or not: »Anyone in Oregon, Washington, or Indiana 6/7/10

Personally, I'm not effected by all this unfortunate nonsense because I have never used a CableCARD-based DVR or a Vz DVR (the Hauppauge HD-DVR may not be perfect but it's impervious to all this silliness), at least until I can't use component out to record


Kirkland, WA
reply to Darksoul
Wrong. They have already moved to restrict, constrain, lock down, and give us less... and the VZ-Frontier deal is not even closed yet.

I'm specifically talking about the fact that various channels that used to be "copy freely" now have restrictive copy protection flags applied.

reply to myfiosnot
myfiosnot....I just read the same thing about two hours ago. I'm really ticked off. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll likely switch back to Comcast when my one-year Verizon contract is complete at the end of June

Mark F1

Fort Wayne, IN
Most people who've left Comcast wouldn't go back, and since they haven't changed much in our area since we left, and we can't get sat. TV, we'll just wait and see what's what with Frontier.

I hate that Welcome Indiana screen I get when checking my E-mail (and the other ones from Frontier are no better), but things could be worse. I keep thinking "Why us?", but I guess after they spent $50+ million in our area, they've decided we're not worth it.
Mark F


Lynnwood, WA
reply to myfiosnot
So sad. I was really enjoying the FiOS DVR app on my Droid phone. I was able to find and record shows in the few spare minutes I have riding the bus to/from work. No more.

Frontier isn't going to bring any value added services at all.