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Teleblend Horrible support for even a potential customer

I let my conversation speak for itself, horrible horrible and simply horrible, not going with them anymore, changed my mind after the below chat

You are now chatting with TeleBlend Customer Care

TeleBlend Customer Care: Hello, how may I assist you today?
Wahab: Hello there
TeleBlend Customer Care: hi
Wahab: I want to find out more about the activation fees
Wahab: with a new service is it could it be waived
TeleBlend Customer Care: Okay, which plan are you looking to sign up for?
Wahab: that i'm not sure between, the monthly 15.95 or the annual sign up for $99.99
TeleBlend Customer Care: No, I'm sorry we do not waive the activation at all for new service
TeleBlend Customer Care: For the monthly plan it's $29.99 for activation, $9.99 for shipping. For the annual plan it's $39.99 plus $9.99 for shipping.
Wahab: i see quite some fees here, first there was one for $19.99 for activation, then there is a phone port fee, and now i see another one that says, under Devices, $29.99 + $9.95 shipping
TeleBlend Customer Care: That is correct. Although I'm not sure where you are seeing $19.99
Wahab: looks like quite some upfront fee before even trying the service, is there any that can be waived
TeleBlend Customer Care: There is a one time port fee of $14.95 to transfer a number to us.
TeleBlend Customer Care: No, we don't waive those fees.
Wahab: so under devices it says: VoIP Phone Adapter with Built-In Router - FREE - with $29.95 One-Time Activation Fee, $9.95 Shipping
No thanks, I will use my own - with $5.95 One-Time Activation Fee.
TeleBlend Customer Care: It's all done thru our website for sign up so there is no way for us to waive those fees.
TeleBlend Customer Care: Correct
Wahab: what is the difference between using your own device, is there a list of supported phone adaptorrs
TeleBlend Customer Care: You can only use an adapter that we previously configured to work on our server
TeleBlend Customer Care: If you received it from us or Sunrocket previously
Wahab: so lets say i get the service but not happy after it, is there a complete refund on whats paid
TeleBlend Customer Care: No, there is no trial period
TeleBlend Customer Care: We do not prorate or refund service
Wahab: hmm ok...sounds great
Wahab: if this is the type of support you are giving to the customers who are trying to sign up with you, one can just imagine what service your current customers get
TeleBlend Customer Care: I've answered your questions, I'm sorry if you feel that is bad support.
Wahab: defiantly bad support, no customer care is kept in mind, just purely business and to make profit
Wahab: you sound more of a robot than a human being
TeleBlend Customer Care: I'm sorry you feel that way, have a good day.
Wahab: Is this a way to talk to your potential customers? what kind of support you give you to current customers then
TeleBlend Customer Care: I'm not going to argue with you, I answered your questions and because we won't waive fees and give you things free you want to attack me. That's not what I'm here for.
Wahab: Its not about giving things for free, it was just a question if you do waive some of the fees or not, whats pity is that you dont even bother offering refund if someone doesnt like your service and ask for so much upfront fee as if you are well recognized company
Wahab: i'm literally going to take this chat and post it all over the voip review forums to let people know how you guys are, simply rude and like robots
Wahab: and this with potential customers, i can understand with current customers, since you have them by the neck
Wahab: but not with a potential customers
Wahab: Why you arent saying anything, its a polite way to hang up on your potential customer?
Wahab: is that a good care?
TeleBlend Customer Care: You are entitled to your opinion,have a good day.
Wahab: Sure, you cant take that right away from me, can you? you would have if you could? what is your opinion about the type of service, waht if your personal home provider was like this
Wahab: hello
Wahab: are u there
Wahab: been a few minutes since heard from you
Wahab: now you are dissing
Wahab: never seen a care like you

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
I am absolutely NOT a fan of TeleBlend, yet I don't see your point at all.

The customer service rep gave you good service, answered your questions.

The customer service rep does NOT own or manage the company, and is NOT responsible for their policies. He/she is NOT your personal punching bag.

YOU were the one who was being abusive.

Like so many of your generation, you throw a tantrum if you don't get your way.

What would you have wanted the CSR to do:

Did you want the CSR to lie to you?

Did you want the CSR to pretend that he could change something that he didn't have the authority to change?

The company IS in business to try to make a profit.

And as the CSR said, the signup process is automated. He can't change it.

If you don't like their policies, rather than pick on a CSR who risks losing his job if he responds as you deserved, go to another company. There are lots of them.


TeleBlend is better off not having you as a customer.


I side with the CSR 100%.


Cleveland, OH

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reply to Wahab3
Wahab3 after reading your post twice, I failed to read where you had “horrible” support. The only thing I read is you were trying to get TeleBlend to give you something for nothing. Why would you think that TeleBlend should waive its fees for you?

Just because TeleBlend requires payment for its service does not mean it is a bad service. I have been a satisfied customer of TeleBlend since the meltdown of SunRocket.

I agree PX Eliezer, TeleBlend is better off not having a customer like this one.

What router are you using?
reply to Wahab3
I don't like activation fees any more than the next guy, but at least Teleblend is being up-front about them.

If you called me up where I work and gave me that kind of attitude, I would have much less patience with you than the TeleBlend CSR did. Frankly, I'm impressed with the CSR's professionalism.

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Steamboat Springs, CO
reply to Wahab3
said by Wahab3 :

I let my conversation speak for itself,
people like you are why I don't do residential. there was no attempt by TB to hide info or deceive you ... you just wanted stuff for free or cheep and if he didn't bend over to your demands you call it horrible service? who's being unreasonable here? the "polite way" to handle that situation is thank the rep for the honest information, then move on. There was no need to engage in tantrums.

you might be a nice person, wonderful parent, loving spouse, pillar of your community, etc. ... but I wouldn't want you as a customer.



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reply to Wahab3
Two questions for you Wahab3 ...

1) Did you read the chat session?
2) Are some of the words the CS rep used offensive in your native language?

All I can say is ... [I'm speechless]


Saint Louis, MO
reply to Wahab3
Afraid I have to come down on the side of the CSR this time.



reply to Wahab3
I've been with Teleblend since 2006 !! And Sunrocket before that. First year it was a mess!! I Have also had Packet8 and Vonage. I now have 4 Teleblend accounts and often talk with service/tech/billing reps. I find them to be great and they ALWAYS solve any issues quickly. I just switched two of my accounts to the $99 annual plan. Easy. Audio quality is great. I use one account for overseas calls - very clear, no dropped service and cheep. My 2 cents. Jerry

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
said by jerryw :

I now have 4 Teleblend accounts and often talk with service/tech/billing reps. I find them to be great and they ALWAYS solve any issues quickly.
Thanks for the input, but if everything is so great, then WHY do you "often talk with service/tech/billing reps".

That makes no sense.

With a good VoSP, issues are RARE, and the need to talk to anyone should be UNCOMMON.

Not "often"!!


Van Nuys, CA
reply to Wahab3
You were just looking to argue... I've been with TB forever ...

That's their policy and if it doesn't work for you shuffle down the road... simple as that.


Stow, MA
frankly, i thought the OP was being a total tool.
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