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Cleveland, OH
reply to patcat88

Re: How does this make sense?

Nope! nobody likes change. But all this about CV you're saying "you believe" I can believe too. But VZ will NEVER touch CV. As i said; do you know how many people sign up per homes passed with FiOS? Search for it on here and on the VZ Investor Site. The numbers are not pretty- that is the whole reason people are not switching besides people don't like change.

As far as change; who is going to switch to something that is more expensive when their current product works? Do you go out and buy a 3D Samsung TV just because it's new? Of course you don't. That wouldn't be cost affective. Everyone knows this.

The Market Cap? LOL what market cap? Just the homes they pass in NY? They can expand that over and over again easily by buying up smaller MSOs which they just proved they'd do. As far as a congested node; you do realize that most if not 99.99% of that has been fixed with CV right?

Also VZ only brought out FiOS because the gov't told them they wouldn't have to share it and due to they HAD to. You can't rely on DSL for ever. Although MSOs can rely on their coax for MANY MANY years to come unlike VZ.
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