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static subnet, not fully utilized

When I moved to static IP, I expected one usable address. I was happy to hear that my ISP Windstream claimed to have allocated a /30 address space for me. A /30 should allow me two host addresses! My question is, how would I utilize them both? So far I have set my DSL modem (speedstream 4200) in RFC2684 bridge mode and configured my internet router to do PPPoE authentication. This gives my Internet router the first address in the subnet, and the benefit of a static address via port forwarding, but this also leaves the second address unused. What I would like to do is have the second address used by a physical machine, and the first used by my router.

The speedstream 4200 also has RFC 2684 bridged/IP, and routed modes. Should I be using one of those instead?

What I'm hoping is that I can get the /30 address space after the DSL modem, and then configure my router with the first address as a static IP subnet mask, and one of my PCs configured with the second address and same mask.

Does anyone have experience with Windstream static subnets?

Milledgeville, GA
i dont have static and never used it, but i rember something in the menus 4200 that refered to setting up static NAT, im at work right now but ill look when i get home.