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Bryn Mawr, PA

How is Telablend?

I was an old Sunrocket customer and Teleblend recently emailed me offering me unlimited service for 9.99 a month. How is their service?

Too busy to chat
Boca Raton, FL
·CIKTEL Telecom

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Hmmm! I guess you mean Teleblend.

Since you are a long time BBR Member, I checked out your posting preferences ... and I note only a rare foray into the VoIP Forums/SubForums. So you can be forgiven for asking an innocent question.

However, instead of waiting for the one or two "happy" TB subscribers to tell you they've had "no problems lately", why not just browse down the Titles in this SubForum: »Teleblend to see such topics as ...

• »Cannot place calls
• »Incoming not working
• »Lots of problems with service

... just to point out a few of the recent ones.

Historical postings suggest that most of the current crop of those who stuck with TB did so because of free or cheap calls to India.

What is it that would draw you to a rarely mentioned provider with a very shaky history ... when there are a bunch of other providers with remarkable feature sets, superior customer service, proven stability and better pricing (in many cases)?

Have you looked at the BBR VoIP Provider Review pages at »/gbu which, curiously, do not list TB?

By the way, you had asked a while back about a Gizmo5/GoogleVoice referral. Please note that as of today, referrals are no longer necessary: »Google Voice is now open to everyone, no invites required


P.S. -- TB recently emailed anyone and everyone who ever had a SunRocket account with a "special deal" ... suggesting TB is either making a magnanimously altruistic gesture --or -- TB is desparate for new customers to replace those jumping ship.


Van Nuys, CA
reply to qworster
Things are getting spicy on these forums I see .....

Portsmouth, NH
said by zbestwun2001:

Things are getting spicy on these forums I see .....
Yea, they are even rated one step above AT&T's CallVantage!
Oh wait, didn't CV close shop a year or so ago???


Beaverton, OR
reply to qworster
I have been with Teleblend since the Sunrocket implosion and I have to say that I have not called or emailed teleblend with any issues for over 3 years now. I had to reset my voicemail password about 2 months ago because some kind of a system glitch on there side and my voicemail indicator light does not always notify. I don't know if this is my problem or theirs. Other than these 2 issues I feel compelled to say that really my experience has been free of frustration. It is a shining example of how bad early customer experiences(Sunrocket to Teleblend) can really hurt your business for many many years to follow.

If we compare teleblend with other providers offering unlimited calling services to India, Teleblend is not even the cheapest. Allvoi, Lingo and CordiaLD are much better placed. Also with Teleblend, you have to sign up for a 2 years contract which is :-( I. checked out this site -

Hope this information helps.


Van Nuys, CA
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I am not having any problems with TB.
That's a good price they are quoting you.

As long as I pick up the phone and hear a dial tone and I get my calls I am fine.


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reply to Indylogic
Say what??

I have no problem at all calling India at all on TB from free.... oh wait, sorry, that was technical support for Dell....


Saint Louis, MO
reply to garrettm
I had also been with Teleblend since the Sunrocket demise, with absolutely no problems. Recently had the number ported to Phone Power because of more features.

At the time I canceled Teleblend, they had just deducted a months payment from my debit card. They refunded the money (the CR taking the cancellation info brought that up on her own before I had opportunity to ask for it.) I thought that was a nice gesture, considering the horror stories I have read on here from people having trouble with refunds from other Voip companies.



Van Nuys, CA

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reply to qworster
I don't have one complaint about Teleblend.

...and I do complain.... I know you don't believe I do, but I do... ha!

Rajendra Heg
reply to qworster
Stay away from teleblend.
I was sunrocket customer and switched to teleblend. My regular US plan was fine, later I switched to Global unlimited call. My problems started with this.... I was not able to make any international calls. Created a service ticket but problem was unresolved even after 2 months. I was paying around $30 for 2 months just for nothing. After so many calls and complaints I moved out of teleblend but this company charged me $39.99 as contract termination charge.