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An Awesome Dude

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Thats a fun game!!!!

I have flash 9 and it runs wonderfully!!

My best is 8320 so far

Thank you!!


cloud 9
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Re: Hulu screwed up ?

From doing Google searches, I learned that Silverlight 3 is supposed to play some Flash videos. This excited me, as adobe code sux, and I'd like to rid my system of it. I uninstalled Flash, and went to the Microsoft site to install Silverlight. Microsoft seems to feel that the current version is no ones business, so I have no idea what version I installed. You-tube does not work with the current version of Silverlight, so it's back out the window for me. I just can't wait for HTML 5.
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I just tried hulu with Seamonkey and the latest Flash and it worked. (I have a Silverlight plugin, but Flash played the movie.)

Sincerely, Libra
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Los Angeles, CA

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Re: Hulu screwed up ?

said by Kiwi:

I would however be interested in the response concerning Silverlight, even though once again this should be in the software forum. Why is Silverlight working through this issue, it's .NET framework based?
To my knowledge both Silverlight and .NET are married to Microsoft. When Silverlight first came out, everyone already KNEW that H.264 (and X.264...open not proprietary) were far superior to the new VL-whatever standard that Microsoft was unsuccessfully trying to push on consumers. They could have supported H.264 day 1, but did not, as they had their own agenda.

It was only after their preferred standard did not gain as wide spread adoption as they would have liked, after MLB dropped Silverlight (a big blow, not necessarily directly related to VL-? vs H.264 to my knowledge) and in an attempt to "embrace" in order to extend and later extinguish (jury still out on their ability to do that here as they have successfully done in other vertical markets in the past) did they finally allow Silverlight to run H.264 content. I believe it was 2 years after the fact, I know it was more then 1 year and 6 months before they added H.264 compatibility to Silverlight, which is the point.

As to Silverlight, since it does not put an "open data codec/format" out in front, best to avoid yet another blind alley by a proprietary vendor, especially a proprietary vendor like Microsoft who has already done this more than once in the past.

There are open data formats available for everything today. And as to high definition video players, MPlayer works on all operating systems, even Windows, thus an obvious superior solution as content created for MPlayer can be viewed by 100% of the potential audience for that content.

Since Flash and Java are proprietary (yes parts of Java are proprietary, saying they are not, does not make it so) you are stuck with service interruptions when the various content providers "force" you to upgrade to the latest greatest version (whatever the reason) and that latest greatest version does not work for ALL operating systems. Granted this is more a problem for Flash then Java.

It is ironic that many of the security reasons they push the new versions of Flash down, require "local" access to your machine to actually work. Thus they would have to be sitting at your PC, not connected via the Internet for the security issue to impact you at all. Something to think about there. Most people blindly upgrade without looking as to "why" its being forced.

Certainly any content that was viewable in the older version of Flash does not immediately become "not viewable" because of the Flash upgrade, thus the website content provider "requiring" you to update to the latest, greatest version of Flash before it has been adequately tested and certified to work for all operating systems is a business mistake that should not be occurring at all, period. Flash is not shy about stating they do not support Linux and Unix. Funny when their new version gives MacIntosh users fits.

Auto update to update for no good reason is stupid and best to be avoided if you subscribe to the "if it ain't broken, don't fix it mentality".

Yet force it they do. I hope for alternatives to their content, which in most cases their are. Sadly with Youtube and other Google properties, sometimes there is not a valid choice...so much for never being evil. Of course that means that until I configure my Linux PC (which you can always do, eventually) to work with Youtube specifically, they do not benefit from my eyeballs or the eyeballs of other Linux users. I as many, will NEVER go back to Windows, ever. Put me in the group that says I own the hardware/software I purchase, thus it is up to me and me alone when to upgrade. Microsoft took that ability away from all their users mid way through Windows 2000, huge mistake. Even if they added back, I would be concerned they were just attempting to Embrace and Extend to later extinguish as they have done in other verticals in the past. I as many Linux users have learned from the past...they simply have done this too many times to ever be forgiven.

Usually Google is not EVIL, but the incompatibilities with Linux, Unix and MacIntosh users is unacceptable. Especially with their YouTube property, come on test in Linux please before you roll out. At least the largest 5 distros. There is no excuse for problems with Linux.

The jury is watchful, so far Android on the right device can be "rooted" but if that capability is yanked from all devices then Android will be avoided by those of us who need to configure and install other software applications.

Whether they (Adobe, Google, etc...) are catering to Microsoft, or the Movie picture industries insane attempts at forcing DRM down our throats is immaterial. If the new streaming content (hardware or software) does not support ALL operating systems (at least Unix, Linux, MacIntosh in addition to Microsoft Windows please) then it SHOULD NOT be rolled out, period.

This would always apply to the latest greatest Flash.

Obviously Silverlight is Microsoft specific and is a no brainer, especially considering better, faster, technologies that are not Microsoft exist, so why bother...yes I am talking about Unix and Linux back end servers as compared to Windows servers here. There is a reason that the last stock exchange switched away from Windows Server software, Linux and Unix, just can handle a larger load more effectively.


Fort Myers, FL
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Use IE8, it works!
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