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Acton, ME

Line noise, and I know the problem

Hi all, first time here.

See, my modem has been disconnecting quite often lately, and I think I know what the problem is. It started after a really bad rain so I knew it was weather related.

2 years ago the same thing happened and the phone company came and replaced some kind of connectors that gives connectivity (duh) from the street line to my home line. This connection is easily reachable as it is placed just outside my second floor balcony. I've prepared a few pictures so that you can see the setup:

(sorry it looks blurry)

2 years ago, replacing those connectors fixed the line noise completely, however after last week rainy night (after a looong time without any rain) the noise appeared again.

I'm confident that's the issue that's causing the noise. I just need to replace those connectors but I can't find them anywhere. Of course, I tried calling the company line but here in my country they take forever to show up. I'm not kidding, they take up to 3 months to show up.

Anyway, where can I find those connectors? Or what other connector can I use to replace them? like, black tape? I mean, I can take them off and join the cables with black tape or maybe another solution. Or maybe I can repair those connections? it shouldn't be that hard.. last time the company guy came and replaced those in a matter of seconds and the problem was gone...

please help!!

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Looks like it might be a K1 connector - »www.ttnet.net/ttnet/gotoprd////9 ··· 2303.htm. Unfortunately, I don't know if you can buy them in small quantities.
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Acton, ME
thanks! At least now I know what it is..