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reply to jacobslive

Re: PP Downtime

said by jacobslive:

There was a time that I used to defend PP just like "ddwrt". However, if he get into others shoes who had issues with PP and wanted to make some very important calls and get some stupid reply and a call back assurance that never happens from the PP CS, he will learn about PP.

I agree that they might be having better uptime and also agree that they have the better features compared to other VOIP providers. However, you need the service at the time you really wants to use it. Otherwise, even if they provide service for $0.99 a month, it is useless.

I also sent an email to the customer care next day, that never got replied. It was not like that earlier. They were very prompt to reply customers and take actions. Time has changed and probably they started following their competitor V... by just ignoring customer concerns and emails and making false promises like call backs etc.
I was in the same boat you were when PP suffered a brief outage that was drawn out longer due to my device taking time to re-register. S$%t Happens! With VoIP you have so many point of failure:

A. Power has to be going to everything
B. The ATA and cordless phones need to be working properly
C. Internet has to be up and stable
D. VoIp provider has to be online

If you need the 5 nines then maybe you would be better off service by Verizon. Did you call PP and listen to their new message before you reached support?

I don't have any documentation to comment on regarding the support aspect of your case. Did you check your call log to make sure they did not try to call you while your service was down? Regardless, I feel for what you went through and hopefully you won't have to go through it again.
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