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Scarborough, ON

[DSL] Thomson Speedtouch ST516 v6 Hanging Up Constantly

I've had this Speedtouch ST516 v6 modem since maybe 2007 and it has worked well up till a few days ago. Now, it is hanging up every 10 - 20 minutes and I don't have the technical background to understand why or what to do about it. I don't know if I have done something wrong, or what could possibly be causing this. Although I haven't done anything to it. I keep having to unplug it and plug it back in, at first it was once in a while, now it's all the time - I leave the room, and come back to no internet signal. Or it just cuts out while I'm sitting here trying to work.

Sure, I could go buy a new modem, but how do I know that would solve the problem? Maybe it's a fixable issue. Maybe somebody can offer a solution.

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You need to read the User Guide and diagnose the LEDs to determine what is happening. It sounds like it is losing sync signal and if that is the case (the DSL LED not solid Green) then you would call your ISP to report that.
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