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Fair Lawn, NJ

Tips for Getting Best Deal on FIOS?

Hi everyone. I have toyed around with the idea of switching my TV and Internet service from Cablevision to FIOS, and I have decided to think more seriously about switching over the past couple of weeks. My Internet speeds on Cablevision have been abysmal the past couple of weeks, and sound drops out for second or two intervals on many channels during prime time.

I have seen some really good deals online for FIOS (for example, $99.99 for Tier 3 TV, Phone, and Internet 35/35 service) but when I go to the Verion website, I'm told these deals are not available, and I'm shown more expensive deals.

I thought I could get some better deals by calling and speaking to a customer service rep, but that did no good. In fact, he offered me a worse deal, because online they're offering a free DVD box for six months, and he said he couldn't do that.

Online, the deal I'm offered is $154.99 for a quad play deal: phone, Internet, TV (all channels except for Internationals and other special ones), and 35/35 Internet service. The DVR is free for six months, but then that cost is added on.

Does anyone have any tips for possibly getting a better deal? Thanks for any information!


Plano, TX
FIOS is still a very desirable service for most people. So in keeping with the high quality service they provide their prices are more set in stone than some cable/sat. providers with less of a product to offer.

Usually a 6 month free item is about all you'll get at first. After a few years they may give you some discounts but it's like you have to earn them by being a customer. I think that's smarter than giving everything to new customers and treating long term customers like crap.

They have no contract deals available now tho I don't know how that effects your pricing each month. If you don't want to overspend think about getting the Extreme instead of the Ultimate, it's an excellent level and most of the extras on Ultimate are not so great.

reply to zhelder7
I guess it varys in different parts of the country ,here in southern californiaverizon does not offer quad play, but i have gotten flyers for triple play with the ultimate pack for $89.00 a month,they also are offering the movie pack free for 3 months! I just got the triple ultimate HD pack in april and i have to pay $139.00 a monthi wish i had waited and got it now as i would of saved $50.00 a month,plus i think now verizon does not tie you in to a 2 year contract ,so no penalty if you cancel early. boy am i pissed!

I wonder if Verizon is having problems getting people to sign up with them. Not everyone get can get it (unlike a dish provider which can reach more people.) I guess they are trying to make the deals more attractive.


Fair Lawn, NJ
reply to zhelder7
OP here, gang. Well, I bit the bullet. I'm getting FIOS installed tomorrow. I called Verizon back a couple of days after my original call and managed to get the rep to throw in a free HD DVR for a year.

Cablevision really isn't that bad (well, at least they weren't, and they have come a LONG way in recent years) but FIOS seems so much better. The slow download speeds, and the horrible Scientific Atlanta box (which looks and operates like it was programmed on a Commodore 64, IMHO) that I've been experiencing with Cablevision have convinced me to give FIOS a shot. (Heck, the interface on my old RCA receiver when I had DirecTV ten years ago was light years ahead of this SA box's interface.)

I'll post updates as I found out whether I made the right decision!

Good Luck...Hope all goes well!

Chantilly, VA
reply to zhelder7
So how did it go? Thoughts & impressions so far.


Fair Lawn, NJ
OK, well after slightly more than a day of having FIOS, I have to say that I think I made the right decision.

Before I say why I think the FIOS service is better, I have to say that I probably don't hate Cablevision as much as many others here. They certainly aren't my favorite company, but they do offer a decent HD lineup and their Internet service, (when it works properly, anyway) is better than the service offered by most other cable companies. Their customer service isn't bad either.

So why does FIOS appear to be so much better?

The TV service blows Cablevision and the lousy SA box out of the water. I was a bit skeptical, but the picture on FIOS is sharper, especially in HD. I'm not going to say something ridiculous like the FIOS HD picture makes Cablevision's HD picture look like SD, but the colors are more vibrant and there is more detail.

The interface, while perhaps not quite mid-2010 state-of-the-art, is attractive and enjoyable to navigate, and light years ahead of SA's Commodore 64-inspired interface. The one (and perhaps only) thing I liked about the SA box was that once the guide came up (after several seconds) it was fairly quick to navigate through. Navigating through channels is just as quick on the FIOS guide, and while navigating by time might be a pinch slower, it's still pretty zippy, and more enjoyable to do, because the guide just looks so much better. And there's two weeks of listings instead of just one. The guide appears and the channels change instantaneously on FIOS, as opposed to the 3-5 second wait typical between chaning channels with Cablevision.

The FIOS DVR is excellent. It's not quite TIVO, but it's darn good. It is much easier to set up recordings and show preferences with FIOS than it was with Cablevision. Again, the menus are instantaneous, and a pleasure to navigate through. Search functions are greatly improved as well. There are four speeds, just like with Cablevision, but the top speed seems quite a bit faster. And, what's kind of cool is that the images retain all of their HD detail while you search! I can't really explain this better, all I can say is that it looks really cool. AND YES, THERE IS 30 SECOND SKIP/REVERSE!!! Not only that, the times are adjustable! (THANK YOU VERIZON!!!)

On Demand offerings on FIOS are also great. There is tons of free stuff, and Verizon throws in premium channel on demand shows in for free for any channels that you subscribe to. It takes a second or two (literally, not the "second or two" that's really two minutes like on the Cablevision system) to pull up on demand offerings and navigation through the offerings is instantaneous. once you select an item, it takes maybe 3-5 second to pull it up, and the items play flawlessly. There are tons of HD offerings too. The only (minor) problem I have with the on demand is search/rewind is limited to one speed, and it's not too swift (maybe 10X or so). But the search does work well.

As far as the Internet, I still have some tweaking to do, but I've been getting download/upload speeds in the 35/35 range on my wired desktop computer. On my wireless laptop, the speeds have been more like 22/13. Still, that's a lot better than the 4/1.5 service I've been getting with Cablevision for the past several weeks. I'm not crazy about Verizon's modem/router, although I was glad to see it was an N router. It takes too long to adjust the settings though, and everything is too simplified for me. I'm probably going to switch back to my D-Link. Maybe that will help with the wireless speeds.

As far as the phone, well what can you say? They work and sound pretty much the same as they did before.

The install was rough. The guy was at my house for about ten hours, minus a few periods here and there for lunch/breaks and having to get an extra cable card from a nearby office. There was a problem with getting the new digital dialtones for the phones. Apparently the reps aren't supposed to set up the TV or Internet until the phone is set up, so the guy had to hang out for quite a while. Eventually, I guess he was given permission to set up the Internet and the TV without the phones being set up. That went reasonably well. He left my house at around 7:30 p.m., and told me to call him if the dialtones didn't come up by the morning. They came up right after he left.

So despite the rough install and a few Internet problems, I'm quite happy right now. The TV service alone is enough for me to say I made the right decision. As long as Verizon doesn't pull any crazy stunts with the billing, I'm planning to have FIOS for a long time!


Fair Lawn, NJ
Oh, one other thing that impressed me. This morning, the widgets were acting up a bit, not showing up in the selection box. I reset the Motorola box, by pulling the plug out, and the box rebooted in about 15 seconds! The SA box often takes 5 minutes to reboot. Sometimes, you have to do it three or four times before it reboots properly. Way to go, Verizon/Motorola!