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Powell, WY

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Since TCT doesn't have a forum here on DSLR I thought this was the next best place to post especially since Bresnan and TCT have been in a heated competition in the Powell market for awhile now.

It seems as though our TCT internet was upgraded from a 10/5 connection to a 20/5 connection either yesterday or sometime over the weekend.

Price wise Bresnan is $52.95 standalone for 8/384K service and TCT is $42.45 standalone for 20/5 service.

Here are comparisons of Bresnan in Powell from a friend's house (he has the 8/384 basic tier) and TCT in Powell from our house. I told him to monitor his Bresnan connection to see if it is consistently that low or if it is just peak times...

            Bresnan 8/384                     TCT 20/5




Cheyenne, WY

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Would you ever think you would hear someone say they are jealous of Powell?

I see about the same from my Bresnan account here in Cheyenne.

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Billings, MT

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Hmm.. I'm getting a steady 18mbps here (downloading 2.1MB/sec + overhead).

Where in Billings is your friend at? I've *NEVER* seen speeds like that in the southside or by Pioneer Park.

Powell, WY

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All tests were ran from Powell on different service providers - the Billings/Casper/Cody labels are segmenting off the speedtest servers. Bresnan in Powell does go through Billings though - first hop outside of Powell in fact.

These are the two routes out of Powell on Bresnan's network, I cut the traces on Bresnan's last router before leaving their network. The first route must be the preferred route though since most traces take this path.

1 ( 8.092 ms 7.685 ms 7.285 ms
2 ( 8.141 ms 7.841 ms 7.745 ms
3 ( 28.733 ms 28.541 ms 81.759 ms
4 ( 33.679 ms 31.625 ms 31.573 ms
5 ( 33.559 ms 35.179 ms 35.344 ms
6 ( 41.265 ms 37.772 ms 34.502 ms
7 ( 79.440 ms 83.182 ms 81.155 ms
8 ( 81.720 ms 79.299 ms 79.614 ms
9 ( 63.715 ms 63.418 ms 65.465 ms
10 ( 107.850 ms 93.052 ms 89.618 ms

1 ( 10.199 ms 17.649 ms 16.241 ms
2 ( 8.299 ms 9.657 ms 8.028 ms
3 ( 26.890 ms 28.594 ms 28.160 ms
4 ( 29.276 ms 31.110 ms 29.402 ms
5 ( 38.762 ms 38.123 ms 37.313 ms
6 ( 50.097 ms 47.129 ms 54.599 ms

Displaced Ohioan
Denver, CO
reply to koolkid1563
Interesting. I am happy to say that my 8mbit connection is finally working correctly. I can download torrents at about 950k/s. My pings are low and the connection is stable.

If I had the option of fiber or a uverse type application, I would gladly hop on that, but Bresnan basically has a monopoly here since Qwest sucks. (I would probably be a Qwest customer if they offered 7mbit where I live).

Right now I am satisfied with what I have. My combined bill each month is $117. That's 8mbit package, standard HD package cable and DVR. It's a bit high, like like I said, no competition and I do not like satellite TV.

I may or may not upgrade to the 16mbit package in the future, right now I really don't see a need for it.
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