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teksavvy service

Well I am currently seeking some internet when I move to Toronto this upcoming weekend. I seen teksavvy ads all over the transit in Toronto during my staya few weeks past while I hunted for an apartment

Called up, sat on hold for 15 minutes, got some basic info. Liked what I heard.
Called around for some info from other providers to check what is offered.
By far teksavvy sounds reasonable with the prices they offer.

Here is my only problem. They require 7 days to hook you up. Okay this is fine and understandable. But I am moving in soon and I have been trying to get a CSR on the phone for
---- !!!!! 4 DAYS NOW !!!!! ----
Trying to get a live person is a waste of time I have left 9, I repeat 9 messages with my callback number. (I am not even kidding about the 9 messages) Just to get 1 call back which the CSR tried to put me on hold and hung up on me.
So if I finally get some live rep from this company to call me back and actually talk to me, I will be a lottery ticket cause it will be my lucky day.

I have spent about 4 hours in total sitting on hold with my phone on speakerphone.

Just to verify, I am calling weekdays during typical business hours.