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Grafton, MA

[Email/WebMail] New "enhanced" webmail?

Is everyone happy with the new Charter Webmail? I don't see any posts about it.

I thought the old interface was slow, but usable. Unfortunately, I think the new interface is even slower. Same performance on multiple systems, so I don't think it's the machine I'm on. Just curious if others love it, or dislike it as much as I do.


Spartanburg, SC
Charter has web mail?

I don't think I've signed into it more than once or twice, and that was years ago. I quit using my ISP-of-the-moment's e-mail service years ago after I had to change my e-mail address 7 times in one year (I was a fickle wench!). With all the free e-mail services around and domain names so cheap, I figured why complicate my life.


Auburn, MI
reply to markts
I haven't noticed anything new.......same ol' same ol'.


Grafton, MA
reply to markts
It's probably not rolled out to everyone yet then?

It's at "".

You have been warned. It's pretty infuriating.

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Anything to do with e-mail has ALWAYS been Charters down side!!



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reply to markts
I also heard something about it, my brother asked what I thought. But I don't see it either. Even going that link just brings me to a page with a GIANT FLASH app, that has a progress bar, then just redirects to

I'll keep using my gmail and pulling my email from charter, thanks anyway

(LOL... there he is up there! )


Grafton, MA
reply to markts
Consider yourselves lucky!

I also have my Charter email pulled into Gmail. Gmail really puts the "enhanced" version to shame.


Lakeville, MN
reply to markts
The old charter email was one of the slowest sites on the internet. I only used it a few times of year in an "emergency" to access my email. I'm not even going to check out the new site as I'm using gmail to gather all my email now.


Shawano, WI
said by gargoyle999:

The old charter email was one of the slowest sites on the internet. I only used it a few times of year in an "emergency" to access my email. I'm not even going to check out the new site as I'm using gmail to gather all my email now.
Yup I remember waiting minutes just for navigating folders

reply to markts
Very frustrating since the change. I get "Error getting folder list." and no e-mail on some days. Other days, it works fine. Growing pains?

North Richland Hills, TX
reply to markts
TRy firefox. But on the other note Im not suprised its super bloatware.

Everyone is just trying to look like Windows Vista and Win7 which both blow.

reply to markts
The new e-mail does not impress me. Today, July 14, I can not get to the e-mail site. The old setup was slow but efficient.

John H
Charter web mail has been down most of the day in MA. And at 4pm I got it to work, but they are using their OLD web mail format....!!


Turlock, CA
reply to markts
I hardly ever use the webmail feature of charter mail. It doesn't look that much different to me than it used to. I usually read it from Outlook on my Pcs and my Blackberry.


Grafton, MA
reply to markts
Unfortunately it is a necessity for me since work blocks most ports.

Wasn't this tested? Who could have tried it and thought, "Gee, this is better" ?!?

reply to markts
Absolutely the slowest mail I've ever suffered through even dial-up was not this painful. I'm sending a one page email with no attachments says it says: "sending message. . . ." for 8 full minutes then crashes. "Unable to perform requested task" I think the Wright brothers crashed faster then this!! How infuriating.


Grafton, MA
reply to markts
Absolutely dismal. I can't imagine anyone actually testing this interface and declaring it "better" than the old one.

Chatting with "customer support":

TTD Ada Marie : I understand that but then we don't have any tools to get back with the old email system.
TTD Ada Marie : I understand how could fell that way and I appreciate your feedback.
TTD Ada Marie : Will put this feedback on the system report.

Yeah, great. How about testing it first? Or revert back to the old interface until you figure it out?


Granite City, IL

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I HATE the "enhanced" webmail. I use webmail exclusively because I usually access my mail from different locations, and don't want my mail downloaded to the PC.

It constantly reloads, and reloads and reloads, I'll be typing a message, and it will take me back to and I have to log back into it, and worst of all, since it's Flash, I cannot access it at all on my iPad. The old interface was bad, but, this is like going back to the original CompuServe.

Wherever Charter found the Flash programmers who programmed this mess, they need to go back to programming class, because they did a really poor job on this. This is one of the worst examples of Flash programming I have ever seen!

reply to markts
The new email cannot be accessed with an Ipad and that's a serious problem. I can't even access the old version because the link doesn't display on the Ipad.

Apparently Charter has "enhanced" themselves right off of the iPad. I called three times about this yesterday and was finally told there was something wrong with my iPad. Which I found a little funny, since it worked great until Charter switched us to "enhanced" e-mail. Finally figured out for myself that the new e-mail format requires Flash, which won't work in iPad. Saved myself some future headaches and got a new Yahoo address.

reply to markts
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who's having major problems with the new "enhanced" Charter eMail. Enhanced, my foot!!!! I've had nothing but problems since it was (arbitrarily) initiated. I've called Charter a half dozen times trying to get the problems resolved to no avail. If the problem was merely a matter of speed I could live with that. But it goes far beyond that...I can't retrieve many emails and I can't reply to most. Frustration Supreme, thy name be Charter!!!!!


Madison, WI
The new email rolled out here (Madison, WI) earlier this week. I really dislike it. It seems to load slower, the default viewing pane is smaller, "contacts" display as a default, there's an extremely annoying vertical ad on the right hand side--probably a fifth or sixth of the page.

The old format wasn't pretty or slick, but it seemed to be much more user-friendly, at least for over-50 eyes.