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reply to sonicmerlin

Re: i dont understand

said by sonicmerlin:

What the heck? We're not talking about a corporation-backed healthcare bill. Most likely it would involve a complementary plan to fund a government-built national network, open to all ISPs who wish to provide service over it.
What I am talking about is would it look like if Internet access somehow goes from a personal choice to a "right" in the US. But some of the arguments may be the same.

Money is always one of the issues. Who will pay for it? How much will it cost? Why should I have to pay for it? How much will it raise everyone's cost? What other tax, surcharge, or fee will be tacked on for everyone? How much is saved up for it? Is it a worthwhile investment? Does 2+1 really = 7? Where did that person learn how to add? How can I get someone else to pay for it and make a profit? Why is someone who's own personal finances are garbage because they don't know how to save in charge of the big project budget?
The government is funded by people, and is not a bottomless pit of money. They throw lots of money at things if it sounds good, but don't always get the best results. Sure it's not fair. Not everyone can get broadband or even some sort of Internet connection. Not everyone has something to connect with either. Not everyone that may chose not to have this here Internet tube thingy should have to pay up.

I can speak of what I can predict and know what looks like, my budget. I don't need someone else to step in line to tell me where else I should spend my money. It's already been spoken for and planned out. What I do get to keep should not be considered everybody's surplus.