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Re: This is actually really interesting

said by baineschile:

said by sonicmerlin:

Finland is the most sparsely populated country in the European Union. Your FUD is pathetic. This plan will provide broadband to nearly everyone in the country, not just those in the more densely populated portions in the south. The fact their economy is orders of magnitudes smaller than ours makes it even *more difficult* for them to conduct such a massive project.
Finland has 5.2 million people. Over a million live in the Helsinki area (about 20 square miles). Thats about 20% of the population. Can you name a city in the US that has 20% of the population?

Now, Finland is a reasonable large landmass, which accounts for your view of it being "sparsely" populated. But, population, for the most part, is concentric there.

The most sparsely populated state is Alaska, but 80% of the population live in the Juneau or Anchorage area. It just happens to be a very large state otherwise.

As for as your Australia/Google arguement, guess how that is being funded....you got it, taxpayer dollar! Some of it is subsidized by Google, but they get advertising rights along all pipes. I think its a great idea, but did you really think that neither doing it for the dollar. You cower behind government regulation, and call it consumer protection, but they are in the for the money just as any private corporation would be. It may not be ideal, but I dont stray from the truth for the sake of arguement.

Last I looked, the incumbants pay PEG and regulatory fees to the state and federal level, not the other way around.
the united states has a higher population density than finland so your point is invalid.
At first I thought everyone on the highway was drunk but then I realized I was driving in Florida