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Norwalk, CA


had another thought on this. in areas that dont have broadband at their house do most have a local library with access? while its not as convenient isnt it still there? i remember using the computers when i was younger and still had dial up. what about places like star bucks who offering free wifi does the store get a t1 connection or something?

Um no.....We have 1 store, 1 restaurant and 1 stop sign. There isn't a library to go to. The closest one is like I said 12 miles away. Would you want to drive 12 miles one way to check your email? I think not much less the 1/8 of a tank of gas to drive there and back. And for those of you who think I should just get a vehicle with better gas mileage, well you wouldn't say that if you seen my road or driveway. Put it this way during the spring rains and winter snow/ice. I have to use 4 wheel drive just to get out and go to work. All that to just check my email?.?. yeah right!