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Re: This is actually really interesting

said by M A R S:

does any one have a link to what some like me on Long Island pays? I bet in the end its much more than 29.6%
I haven't seen anything broken down by state.

It's difficult to measure, and especially apply cross-culturally. For example, earlier in this thread "pnh" pointed out how ISPs pay a tax to cities for their use of easements and rights of way. That tax is passed on to the ISPs' customers.

So, if a country like Finland doesn't do that (instead paying for the administration of easements from the general fund), their tax rate looks higher than ours.

Same with healthcare. You pay for your private insurance premiums through a paycheck deduction (and co-pay at time of visit, and deductables each year). If a country like Finland has single-payer healthcare insurance coming out of the general fund, you can't really compare their total (real) tax rate without considering what we pay which isn't a precisely a tax.

It's not as clear as it might seem.