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This is a sub-selection from Greece!


Glen Head, NY

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reply to matrix3D

Re: Greece!

said by matrix3D:

It's obvious that ignorance is bliss for you. That's why this country is in such bad shape... there are way too many of you around.
Personally I am not ignorant but I could care less about it any more. There is no one you can vote for who will fix it. Neither political party will fix it. The best I can do is make sure I have enough financial diversity and escape options to avoid total ruin. My long term financial plan does not include receiving Social Security or Medicare as I am sure they will be insolvent by the time I am old enough to collect in twenty years (under the current age limits - they will change - trust me). The best any American citizen can do is make sure that they are prepared for what is coming. The people being paid to care (our elected representative) don't seem to so how can we?
I support the right to keep and arm bears.