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belkin wirelesss router nd cable modem router keeps dropping

i have a belkin wireless router, and it keeps dropping connection with charter cable modem.

i even tried a linksys router that was worse kept dropping every 5 min//

the belkin will hold ror while then drop several hours.

i dont know if it is the lease on the dhcp or not nor know how to make it so it will renew automaticly

or what the problem is. i connnected the computer to modem and it did not drop connection..

i need the router cause i have several computers, and spouse cannot us wireless when the wireless drops unless I reset router

can someone help me wth this please?/ and how would i see if it is the dhcp or how to change it?


tell me the model no and version no. of the router


Columbia, MD
reply to porchie
I have had the same problem. Several times per day, I have to reboot my Belkin wireless router in order to get access to the internet. It will work great for a while, then I lose connection to the internet. After I reboot, all is good for a while until the next time. Sometimes it will be good for a few hours, other times only an hour or less.

I am using a Belkin Wireless G Router, Model #F5D7230-4. I am using a Motorola SB5120 Surfboard cable modem with Comcast as my provider.



reply to porchie
same problem, it drops connection intermittently - extremely annoying to have to go and boot the router to make the internet work again

is there a way to put ddwrt on this router?
F5D7230-4 v7001