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London, ON

SMCD3GN modem

can anyone tell me how to do a hard reset on this thing.

To reset to factory default:

Turn off power.

Disconnect cable from CATV connector on back of unit.

Wait a few seconds.

Turn on power.

Wait for the complete warm up sequence (about 5 minutes).

Taking a ball point pen press the tiny reset button next to the CATV connector - HOLD DOWN FOR 30 SECONDS!

Let go and wait for the complete warm up sequence (about 5 minutes)

With a direct Ethernet connection to one of the four ports on the back of the unit, visit

If the SMC logon screen appears, it has been reset to factory defaults. If not, repeat process (it took no more than 2 tries for me).

The logon for the unit is USERNAME: cusadmin PASSWORD: password

When you reconnect the cable, upon warm up process, a new configuration file will be downloaded from Times Warner automatically and it will reboot twice.

Good Luck.