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Alexander City, AL

[CATV] Do I or do I not need a cable box???

We have viewed The Hallmark Channel on channel 62 which is an analog channel. I could watch it on the tv that I brought over on the Ark with Noah and the animals. On July 1st I notcied that channel 62 now has CMT on it and Hallmark has been moved to digital channel 161. Noah and I can't watch it on our tv unless we hook up a charter cable box to it. However, I have a flat screen that has a digital tuner. Shouldn't I be able to receive channel 161 on this tv that is equipped with the digital tuner??


Reno, NV

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You can only receive channels broadcast in "clear QAM" with a modern digital TV tuner. So, hook it up and try it out, you'll see what you can and can not get. Mainly, it's the locals that are broadcast in the clear, but I think there's a few others as well. In my area, Hallmark channel is part of the expanded basic package so I have to pay for it and I need a box to get it. Sounds like Charter "un-freed" that channel in your area, but it might still be in the clear. You'll have to do a channel scan with your TV to find it. One thing the set top box does is provide virtual channels. In other words, it re-assigns the numbers.

I don't know what Charter's plans are for analog channels, but I would expect them to be going by the wayside eventually. Around ten years ago in my area, channels under 100 were analog. Then, about 5 years ago, it was channels under 74. Now it's channels under 28. By extropolation, they'll be gone soon, at least in my area.


Alexander City, AL
So, if the digital channels that I can receive are "Clear QAM" format what is the term for digital channels that I can't receiver on the digital tuner on my tv?? Thanks for the reply!


Glendale, CA
Scrambled/encrypted qam