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Cleveland, OH
reply to neftv

Re: American outdated traditional corp structure.

said by neftv:

I wanted to make a more general comment that as long as there is an outdated traditional corp structure, (boardroom, stockholders) and yes Unions this country will never be the best it can be. There are so many matters that involve the government too. Right now I think "We the people" are just a bunch of chumps in this country with mediocre services and goods many of which are not even made in this country.
Your hate for unions is completely illogical. Unions were the reason the US middle class prospered post WWII, and their loss of power post 1980 is why the gap between rich and poor has been increasing over the last 30 years.


Broomall, PA
Great another one. I never said the word hate. It's always amazing as soon as the word outdated and unions are mentioned in the same sentence right away your labeled a hater. There is a bigger picture involving the government that is failed to be realized by unions. I will never understand why unions like the establishment career politicians when they say the endorse someone. Between the taxes of doing business in this country, government getting bigger and more involved with our everyday lives and the unions blaming management for everything that just ends up adding that cost to the product/service with no real solution to the gap that has happened.
Another thing is I don't get why I see unions strike in this economy now like I seen teachers and hospitals strike with in the past year. They should be so lucky to have a job now and they expect their health care to be paid for completely.
I was in a union in my first job I ever had. I still to this day don't know why I was paying 35/month for to the union. When I was laid off along with the whole department I worked for I was told by the union awwww can't help you sorry you'll just have to find another job now. I probably won't ever know exactly the feeling of the people in Flint Michigan when GM decided to go to Mexico. Yea blame management for that but that not going to solve the issue with that outdated thinking. There is a bigger picture a side for blaming management (which that structure is outdated too).