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[Scam] Cleanmypc.com and other fake looking commercials

What is with these people that continue to pop up on tv ads talking about cleaning your pc? at one point in their commercial they even say that even though you already have good antivirus software, you should still get your so called free checkup from them!

Does anyone remember finally fast? well this looks like them all over again and all it does is give a cheap customer at the repair shop one more cheap arse thing to say right before the employee says theres the door lol.


Brandon, FL
finally fast is still around. i see that one and the one you are talking about. It helps to know people you trust to do it for you

Doctor Four
My other vehicle is a TARDIS
Dallas, TX
reply to boredtv
Its actually called MyCleanPC.com. And while it is not the same company that is behind FinallyFast, the scam is remarkably similar. In the case of MyCleanPC (aka DoubleMySpeed.com and MaxMySpeed.com), they are all fronts for a junky and scareware-ish registry cleaner called CyberDefender.

CyberDefender claims to find things like junk files, viruses and spyware, when really all it does is similar to CCleaner, which is a free program.
"The trouble with computers, of course, is that they are very sophisticated idiots." - Doctor Who (from Robot)

Augustus III
If Only Rome Could See Us Now....

Gainesville, GA
reply to boredtv
So who funds their TV spots? They are on at primetime and that costs massive $.

also they are likely the same company. doesnt matter if the products are not evidently the same etc etc.

Logan 5
Enjoying the Cataclysm
Austin, TX
said by Augustus III:

also they are likely the same company. doesnt matter if the products are not evidently the same etc etc.
Care to share what you are basing this statement on?

Just because the scam behind both companies 'commercials' looks similar doesn't mean it's the same company behind both.

/sarcasm on

There's enough clueless people on the internet for there to be room for two different scams...

/sarcasm off

Birmingham, AL
reply to Doctor Four
There is also a new crapware ad in town called maxmyspeed.com