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[DSL] No ADSL light on router

I use AOL as my ISP, with British Telecom supplying my telephone line rental. On Friday 2nd my internet connection kept dropping out, and then eventually stopped connecting altogether. My original router (Netgear dg834gt) showed no adsl light, just the power and wireless connection. The phone worked ok. Tried rebooting, changing splitter and checking wiring, but still no light. Assumed router had failed, so ordered new Netgear DG834PN. Arrived on Friday 9th, so plugged in following instructions on setup cd. Still no adsl light on new router. Phoned AOL who put me on to Netgear. Tried various settings, but still no light. They suggested I speak to BT, as could be line fault. BT said as phone is working, line fault not the problem, but did line test anyway. Line test ok, so said to get back to AOL helpline. AOL not helpful - said new router not AOL supported one so couldn't help. As I had only got as far as plugging in new router, without having to connect to computer, I assume it is a connection fault. Is this a phone line problem? If so, who deals with it - AOL or BT? Or is it fault with router? How can I get an engineer to investigate.

Indian Orchard, MA
Try skipping the router and just use the modem into the computer.... If you can not connect then, you need to have BT check this lines.