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[Help] Hissing Noise from DSL modem.

Hey Guys,

First time poster but long time reader, I'm gonna give you the lead up to the hissing problem. Recently I've been noticing a real slow down in my DSL performance in the evenings. Like from 5pm to 6pm everything works great, i get my 1mb up, after that period of time it drops to less than .24mb even hovering around .04mb and such.

I contacted the techs over at my ISP they keep telling me alls good on their end. But I've been having the same problem for weeks now. Thing is over the weekends it works great (Which makes me assume that its congestion in the area, but a friend that lives a few blocks away has good internet always getting excellent connections.)

Now I noticed a strange sound coming from the modem a few days back when i went to check it out make sure everything was connected. Its like a hissing noise, like air escaping from a tire. This made me think that there was a popped capacitor on the inside, i opened it up and noticed that the top of a few of the capacitors were raised.. not their usual flat self, the hissing noise comes from a region where there are a few capacitors (cant narrow it down several raised ones in that region of the modem). Now the modem connects.. and i get good speeds over the weekend.. bad during the week within that time span (6 pm - 11 pm) but dude a couple corners away has a much better connection using same modem.

Any ideas?

I live in Guyana, South America. ISP is Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (Gt&T), modem is a Zhone 6381.

Thanks for any replies